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birch water

Another rival for coconut water

If there’s one clear health trend winner for 2014, it’s coconut water. The drink has been sold as a super-hydrating, electrolyte-balancing, energy-giving and youth-boosting…


Manuka honey

This healing honey has been a health secret for years – quietly simmering on the backburner rather than taking the health world by storm….



Eating healthily should be about getting lots of nutrients into the body to help you look and feel in top condition. And recently many…

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Juice

This is one trend that I’m happy to admit I have no intention of trying. Yes I’m still dedicated to the Healthy on Trend…

Transition zone

Train, eat, recover, repeat

Train, eat, recover, repeat. These four words capture the ethos of London-based fitness studio Transition Zone. And although it’s based slightly off the beaten…

Avocado dessert

Avocado as dessert?

If you’ve been following the clean-eating/paleo movement of the year – that’s grain-free, dairy-free, sugar -free, natural wholefoods – you may have noticed that…