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The finished result - not 100% perfect in appearance, but it's all about the taste!

Chocolate peanut butter cups

Looking for ways to make raw (sugar-free) chocolate more exciting? I had a go at an old classic: chocolate peanut buttercups. They’re easy to…

The finished result

Polenta pizza

Why? Because let’s face it: gluten-free diets aren’t going anywhere in 2015. Polenta is just ground corn. If you boil it with water it…

White choc caramel slice

White chocolate caramel slice

My white chocolate caramel shortcake slice was a fortunate accident. I came up with it when trying to use up spare nuts and coconut…

Marble cake

Chocolate marble cake

My favourite 100% clean, sugar-free and dairy-free chocolate marble cake. Recipe: 4 eggs 4 ripe bananas 50g coconut flour 50g almond flour 1 tsp baking…

It resembles coconut oil in appearance but is completely odourless and tasteless.


MCT oil (the MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides) is growing in popularity at the moment- essentially being marketed as a pimped up coconut…

The finished result - it has a definite meaty taste and to be honest I could only drink it after adding more seasoning (garlic salt and pepper).  It is definitely an acquired taste, but a great alternative is to use it as a base for soup.

Bone broth

It’s high in protein, low in calories and said to fix everything from poor digestion to ageing skin. Bone broth. The ancient drink, made…

birch water

Another rival for coconut water

If there’s one clear health trend winner for 2014, it’s coconut water. The drink has been sold as a super-hydrating, electrolyte-balancing, energy-giving and youth-boosting…


Manuka honey

This healing honey has been a health secret for years – quietly simmering on the backburner rather than taking the health world by storm….